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Lanky But Macho (2000)

The Urban Hillbilly Quartet: Lanky But Macho

Quite the mixture of live and studio tracks, this album is a good representation of our musical identity crisis. From simple folk songs like Big Pine to rockin' blues jams like Coal Miner,this album has it all! Much of the album was produced by Alex Oana but Happy Anyway and Stairs were produced by Jeremy Szopinski and recorded at his apartment in St. Paul.

1. Speed Limit
2. Stars Look Down
3. Happy Anyway
4. Praetorius (LIVE)
5. Moonstruck
6. Bad Day For The Mayor (LIVE)
7. Big Pine (LIVE)
8. Skipping Stones (LIVE)
9. Stairs
10. Coal Miner (LIVE)